2016 Fall Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, September 14

CASC Regulated Data Working Group (RDWG) Meeting

Edison EFG



Roger Bielefeld, RDWG Co-Chair, Case Western Reserve University



Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure

Amy Starzynski Coddens, CACR, Indiana University



IRB and Information Security Overview

R. Erin Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University



Panel: IRB and Information Security        Edison EFG

R. Erin Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University

Mike Warfe, RDWG Co-Chair, Case Western Reserve University

Amy Starzynski Coddens, Indiana University

Irene Anne Jillson, Georgetown University


Open Mic and Discussion


CASC Meeting                                                          Edison EFG



Curt Hillegas, Princeton University, CASC Chair



CLOSED SESSION – Open to all from CASC Member institutions

Panel: National Academies Report: Future Directions for NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure to Support U.S. Science and Engineering

Moderator: Stan Ahalt, RENCI

Amy Apon, Clemson University

Thomas Hauser, University of Colorado, Boulder

Wayne Gilmore, Boston University

Ralph Roskies, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center


Nationals Game


Thursday, September 15


Panel: CASC and Other Organizations              Edison EFG

Moderators: Guy Almes, Texas A&M;

Dane Skow CASC:

Rajendra Bose, Columbia University

Educause: Curt Hillegas, Princeton University

ACI-REF: Tom Cheatham, University of Utah

Internet2: John Moore, Internet2

Computing Research Association (CRA): Andy Bernat, CRA


Beyond Hardware Working Group Update        Edison EFG

Sharon Broude Geva, University of Michigan



XSEDE 2016 Student Activities Update

Linda Akli, Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA)



JetStream Update

Craig Stewart, Indiana University



Resources for User Training                     Edison EFG

Moderator: Marisa Brazil, Arizona State University

Maneesha Sane, Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry

Scott Lathrop, Blue Waters and XSEDE Training

Melyssa Fratkin, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)



Training Experiences on Campus

Moderator: Ben Rogers, University of Iowa

Marisa Brazil, Arizona State University

Henry Neeman, University of Oklahoma

Andrew Sherman, Yale University

Preston Smith, Purdue University


3:30–4:00                                                                   Edison EFG

National Strategic Computing Initiative Update

Tim Polk, Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology Policy



Open Mic (2-3 minutes, no slides) and Lightning Talks (5-10 minutes, 2-3 slides)

·      Rajendra Bose, Columbia: July 2015 CASC/HPC – SIG Oxford Workshop report

·      Craig Stewart, Indiana University: Science Node sponsorships

·      James Cuff, Harvard University: North East Storage Exchange

·      Dana Brunson, Oklahoma State

·      University: Intrastate Collaboration

·      Preston Smith, Purdue University: Research Data Depot

·      Patrick Schmitz, UC Berkeley: Computing in the Broader Context of Research IT at UCB

·      Robert Henschel, Indiana University (Tentative): XDMoD Value Analytics Update

·      Ralph Roskies, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center: Update on PSC’s Bridges


Friday, September 16


Agency Presentations                                               Edison EFG

Irene Qualters, National Science Foundation

Kevin Thompson, National Science Foundation


CASC Business Meeting                                           Edison EFG

Curt Hillegas, CASC Chair

·      Spring 2016 Meeting Planning Session Report

·      Membership: Sharon Broude Geva, Secretary, CASC

·      Finances: Andrew Sherman, Treasurer, CASC

·      Nominations: Tom Furlani, Nominations Committee Chair, CASC

·      Program Committee: Rajendra Bose, Vice-Chair, CASC Working Groups

o   Regulated Data – Mike Warfe, Case Western Reserve University

o   Beyond Hardware – Sharon Broude Geva, University of Michigan

·      Washington Report: Lisa Arafune, Director, CASC

·      Supercomputing 2016 CASC Luncheon



Adjourn: CASC Meeting Ends