The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with 100+ member institutions representing many of the nation’s most forward-thinking universities and computing centers. CASC is dedicated to advocating for the use of the most advanced computing technology to accelerate scientific discovery for national competitiveness, global security, and economic success, as well as develop a diverse and well-prepared 21st century workforce. In addition, CASC collaborates with the United Kingdom High Performance Computing Special Interest Group (HPC-SIG) to advance the use of scientific computing across all disciplines, and to support economic and workforce development in high performance computing-related fields.

CASC Welcomes new Executive Director, Kathryn Kelley

Wildfires pose a significant threat to people and property. Soot from wildfires can carry dangerous contaminants and cause health problems for people even hundreds of miles away. Researchers from NIST & LANL are using computer simulations to better understand wildfire behavior and the dynamics of soot. This image shows airborne soot from a simulated structure fire; visualization by the Texas Advanced Computing Center