Committees and Working Groups

CASC engages its membership in the objectives and operations of the organization through a number of standing and ad hoc committees and working groups. Persons from CASC institutions who are interested in participating in any of these committees or groups are encouraged to contact the CASC Executive Committee.

Positions Committee

The Positions Committee is empowered by the CASC bylaws to take positions on behalf of CASC. The Positions Committee has nine members including the members of the CASC Executive Committee. The five at-large members serve staggered two-year terms with elections held each year. The CASC Executive Director is an ex officio, non-voting member.

  • Wayne Figurelle, Penn State University & CASC Chair (Chair)
  • Erik Deumens, University of Florida
  • David Hart, NCAR & CASC Treasurer
  • Curt Hillegas, Princeton University
  • Rich Knepper, Cornell University
  • Jennifer Schopf, Indiana University & CASC Secretary
  • Alan Sill, Texas Tech University
  • Jim Wilgenbusch, University of Minnesota & CASC Vice Chair
  • Vacancy (TBD)

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee helps CASC address its communications needs. The committee’s flagship product is the annual CASC brochure. The committee also helps maintain and update the CASC web site and social media feeds.

  • Melyssa Fratkin, Texas Advanced Computing Center (Chair)
  • Andrew Bell, University of Virrginia
  • Vivian Benton, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Marisa Brazil, Arizona State University
  • Brian Connelly, University of Pittsburgh
  • Cynthia Dillon, San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Kristin Lepping, Rutgers University
  • Paul Redfern, Cornell University
  • Stephanie Suber, Renaissance Computing Institute

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee oversees the nomination and elections process for Executive Committee and Positions Committee candidates. Nominations Committee members are volunteers and not elected.

  • Jennifer Schopf, Indiana University & CASC Secretary (Chair)
  • Bruno Scap, New York Structural Biology Center
  • Melyssa Fratkin, Texas Advanced Computing Center
  • CASC Executive Committee

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee advises the Executive Committee on the specification, selection and operations of technical infrastructure services used by CASC to conduct business and achieve its mission.

  • Vacant (TBD)

Return on Investment (ROI) Working Group

The ROI Working Group works to document and understand the return on organizations’ investment in Research Computing and Data services.

  • Alan Sill, Texas Tech University (Chair)
  • Alan Chalker, Ohio Supercomputer Center
  • Don Petravick, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  • Craig Stewart, Indiana University
  • Curt Hillegas, Princeton University
  • Sharon Broude Geva, University of Michigan