CASC engages with the community in various ways to promote and foster the CASC mission with a wide range of stakeholders. When appropriate, CASC replies as a single organization to requests for comment on proposed legislation and draft reports and submits advocacy letters on key federal issues.

CASC members’ visibility is enhanced by the annual production of the CASC brochure, and through CASC’s participation in events like the annual PEARC and Supercomputing conferences.

CASC is a member of the Coalition for National Science Funding. The organization’s meetings and events typically attract members of Congress (eg, the House Science Committee is usually well represented), Congressional staff from both House and Senate, and NSF leadership. CASC has been a sponsor of past CNSF exhibits and receptions, providing increased visibility for scientific research supported by the National Science Foundation.

CASC is a sustaining partner in the Susan Fratkin Scholarship program at TACC. Sue Fratkin played a central role in the founding of CASC and served as the CASC Washington Liaison for 25 years. We are excited to recognize Sue’s commitment to science, computation, and the academic community This fund supports undergraduate students who come from populations that are underrepresented in STEM disciplines. Read more here. If you worked with Sue and wish to contribute to the scholarship fund, you may do so at the TACC website.